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Content Management in Scotland

Using your Content Management System, implementing our own bespoke Content Management System or an open-source CMS, we will keep your website up-to-date, of interest and highly ranked in the Search Engines.

Website Content Management

We have experience with the following Content Management Systems:

  • Manual Website Maintenance
  • 'Mura' Content Management System
  • 'SmartSite' Content Management System
  • 'Discovery Server' Content Management System
  • our bespoke ColdFusion CMS
  • your own CMS

We provide our website administration and site maintenance services in Central Scotland in the areas: Clackmannanshire, Perth & Kinross (Perthshire), Stirling and Fife. So contact us for more information or get your free quote today!

Does your CMS require more experience than anticipated?

Hedgehog Creations has worked with several content management systems and is highly experienced in using the full potential of it. We are confident that all of our clients would recommend our maintenance and content management services.

Content Management

A robust Content Management System offers many advantages over manual maintenance. A CMS provides a more reliable way of maintaining basic textual changes yourself, whilst also providing an effective way of expanding the website. Most Systems come with extra features like an embedded Search Engine, Search Engine Optimisation and Link management.

Bespoke ColdFusion CMS

Most of our clients let us take care of their website providing us with frequent update requests. With our bespoke in-house created ColdFusion CMS we can carry out the work within an agreed deadline. It also enables us to expand your website and meet your business requirements more easily if required.

Open-Source ColdFusion CMS

We recently attained the knowledge of an open-source CMS based on ColdFusion, called Mura. This allows us to offer the implementation of a CMS in a more robust environment at the same levels of developers that use free software and languages as PHP.

Experienced and Qualified

We pride ourselves to have excellent all-round skills in web design, development, programming, search engine optimisation and website strategy planning. With all these qualities your business is assured of getting the best value for money.

Website Maintenance Services

Because businesses have different maintenance needs and requirements we offer four website maintenance plans:

  1. Basic Plan (4 hour p/month)
  2. Plus Plan (8 hours p/month)
  3. Professional Plan (16 hours p/month)
  4. Pay-as-you-go Plan (flexible hours p/month)

Internet Services in Central Scotland

Hedgehog Creations provides website administration and site maintenance services in Central Scotland, in the areas: Perth & Kinross (Perthshire), Clackmannanshire, Stirling, and Fife.


“Although we tried to maintain the website ourselves with our own CMS. We're glad Hedgehog Creations is helping us to use it more professionally.”

A selection of companies we are of have been working with:

Kapital Corporation, Scotland OLM Cradle to Cradle Development Lab Amersfoort Unit PNO Consultants Subsidies.nl Optimavorm
Internet Solutions Scotland

Best Web Design Agency in Scotland
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Best Web Design Agency Scotland

Hedgehog Creations
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